Arbours Will Enhance Your Garden Design

A great way to relax outdoors

A simple and affordable way to create space and separation in a garden is the use of arbors. When correctly sized and placed they are able to provide a transition from one part of the garden to the next, thus creating some visual drama no matter the size of the garden.

Seating can also be integrated in to an arbour as shown in the corner arbour. A charming and maintenance free accent for your outdoor space, garden or pathway.

A perfect place to unwind after a long day of work is under a garden arbour. Additionally, our garden arbour seats are well designed and a fashionable additions to any outdoor area. To improve your garden design, we suggest embellishing wooden garden arbours with climbing plants.

Wooden and garden arbours are both lovely ways to give your outdoor space some flair. There is something for everyone here, whether you select fashionable garden arbour seating for long summer nights or wooden trellis arches to support colourful climbing plants.

Paths and walkways are frequently present in landscaped gardens. Why not install a curved wooden archway as a striking feature of your own? These garden arches come in classic, natural wood finishes and are simple to paint or stain in whatever colour you like.

Corner garden arbours offer a cosy spot to read or unwind. Enjoy the shade on hot days or find protection from the elements in the winter. For a streamlined appearance you can be sure of, choose a finish that complements your outdoor furniture or gazebo.

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