Tastes Better Outdoors

Fun way to cook and keep guests amused

Don’t be stuck in the house cooking while everyone else is outside enjoying a drink.

There are bbq’s and then there are kitchen bbq’s…..the later clearly being an extension of your home.

These spaces were designed to be entertainment central and useable all year round.

The bar area constructed with corrugated sheet metal adds an amazing audible element to the space when being under it whilst it rains.

There truly is almost no limit to what we can do with the space you have.

An outdoor kitchen in our garden will beneficial in many ways:

  • Great to entertain guests
  • Value of Your Home will increase
  • A good talking point at social occasions
  • Great for cooking, of course
  • Lastly, of course the warmth it brings
  • Keeps the smells of cooking Outside
  • Expands your living space
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